Roofing Systems

Roofing Systems

At Montes Roofing, we strive to give our customers choices when it comes to their residential, commercial or industrial roofing projects. Whether it’s flat roofing, low-sloped roofing or pitched roofing, our almost half century of experience has taught us that great roofing results come from a marriage of the right roofing material to the right structure. And we excel in helping home and business owners select the ideal roofing system for their property.

Be it flat roofing and something like TPO and PVC roofing membranes or traditional asphalt shingles for home and multiunit property owners, our experts will walk you through all your options and provide a recommendation you can depend on – one with warranties that meet you needs if applicable. Call (708) 790-2507 or submit one of our helpful contact forms to get started with a free estimate visit!

Asphalt Shingles

When it comes to the finest asphalt shingle roofing services in Chicagoland, there’s Montes Roofing and everyone else. Seriously, our decades of experience with asphalt shingles and our dedication to a job done right make us the only choice for impressive roofing results at everyday low prices. We work with the biggest names in asphalt shingle manufacturing and ensure their excellent roofing products are installed, repaired and restored properly and with an eye toward keeping costs down for homeowners, multiunit property owners and commercial property owners throughout the Chicagoland region. And it all starts with a free asphalt shingle roofing estimate from Montes Roofing. Call (708) 790-2507 or fill out a contact form today!

Metal Roofing

There’s no doubt about it – if you’re interested in roofing services for an existing metal roof, or if you’d like a new metal roof for your residential, commercial or industrial property, Montes Roofing is the right team to call for stellar results that can transform the look and feel of your property and we deliver it all for prices that you’ll really need to see to believe. Don’t worry though. Estimates for metal roofing projects from Montes Roofing – whether it’s metal roof repair, metal roof replacement, metal roof restoration or new metal roof installation – are always free of charge and include all the answers and roofing insights you’ll need to make the best decision for your metal roof. Make the call to (708) 790-2507 or complete a contact form now!


Though TPO and PVC roofing are actually two different roofing systems, we’ll discuss them here together because they offer incredibly similar benefits to flat and low-slope roof owners and come at comparably low costs. Both offer amazing strength and durability in any setting but they truly excel in difficult environments like commercial and industrial settings. Offering equal performance for flat roof and low-slope roofing residential customers, TPO and PVC roofing should be investigated when it’s time for roof replacement or new roof installation and Montes Roofing is the team to turn to with almost 50 years of quality service throughout the region. Call (708) 790-2507 or provide information via a contact form and we’ll call you!

Modified Bitumen

Another excellent roofing system for flat roofs, modified bitumen is a proven commodity in Chicago-area roofing and it has been since it was developed. This is one sturdy material that can stand up to what Chicago weather throws at it and keep protecting your structure for years to come – decades with proper roof maintenance. Montes Roofing is Chicago’s #1 modified bitumen roofing contractor with a team more experienced than any other you’ll find in the industry. That’s what 50 years of superior service and world-class results will do for a company – make it the best in the roofing business when it comes to modified bitumen roof repairs, roof replacement, roof restoration or new roof installation. Call (708) 790-2507 or just fill out a contact form and we’ll do the rest!

EPDM Roofing

For commercial and industrial roofing customers, EPDM roofing has become one of the best options available from both performance and price standpoints. This is durable, dependable roofing material when installed, repaired, restored and maintained correctly by experienced and qualified professionals – like those from Montes Roofing. We’ve helped thousands of roofing customers with modified bitumen roofing services over the decades we’ve been in business and can do the very same for you – no matter what modified bitumen roofing projects you have instore. Get started with a free roofing estimate where you can get modified bitumen answers from pros who know them best. Call (708) 790-2507 or use our contact form today!

Single-Ply Roofing

For almost 50 years, Montes Roofing has been the top single-ply roofing contractor for residential commercial and industrial customers throughout the Oak Lawn area of Chicagoland. Our top-rated roofing professionals are fully licensed and insured to deliver fantastic results safely and with zero risk to you or your property. Plus, we’ve perfected the single-ply roofing process over the last five decades, so you’ll always get world-class roofing results on time and within your budget. Start the process today with a completely free estimate for single-ply roofing repairs, installation or replacement. Just call (708) 790-2507 or send in a contact form with your information!

Built-Up Roofing

When it comes to built-up roofing services, there’s Montes Roofing and second best in the Oak Lawn area of Chicago and it’s been that way for almost 50 years. Our teams are licensed, insured and capable of tackling whatever built-up roofing projects you have in store – from roof repair to new roof installation. Schedule a free, no-pressure estimate visit with the Montes Roofing team to discuss your built-up roofing project with the pros who know the material best. You’ll get clear answers and pricing for the finest roofing services in town. Call (708) 790-2507 or just fill out a contact form with your details and we’ll call you.

The Best Roofing Services In Chicagoland

A roofing company doesn’t stay in business for as long as we have at Montes Roofing without caring about customers and the results we deliver when they call on us for service. That’s why you can trust us to stand behind the work we do with the best warranties in the business from the top manufacturers in roofing. Plus, each and every one of our roofing crews comes to the job fully licensed and insured to deliver exceptional roofing results at incredible prices all year round. So, don’t delay – make the call to (708) 790-2507 for a free estimate or just submit a contact form instead!

Montes Roofing Systems is locally-owned and operated with almost 50 years in business offering the finest residential and commercial roofing in the Chicagoland area.

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