Is A Repair Good Enough?

Is A Repair Good Enough?

At Montes Roofing, we get a lot of questions from home and property owners about the reliability of a roof repair – especially on flat or low-slope roofing. Usually, this question comes when discussing the need for a new roof versus a roof repair. Customers are concerned about the expense of a new roof and want to protect themselves against financial hardship. We get that and do our best to set their mind at ease about the dependability of a Montes Roofing repair.

Before we can even discuss whether or not a repair is feasible, we’ll have to thoroughly inspect the roofing to determine the underlying cause of your problem. If, during our inspection, we uncover serious damage to the underlayment or structure then a repair might not suffice. In truth, it’s all dependent on what we find when we’re checking over your roofing. Some issue may look minor from the outside, but once you strip away the material you find a mess that has to be fixed before your troubles will cease for good.

In most cases, because our teams are exceptionally skilled, we can provide our customers with a repair that will put an end to their roofing headaches. In the cases where that’s impossible due to circumstances beyond our control – such as deteriorated supports or rotten framing – a new roof is the only option available. Remember, your roofing is a key structural component in your home or business and any serious issues with it represent a clear and present danger to safety.

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