Roofing Warning Signs: Missing Shingles

February 10, 2021by Montes Roofing Systems

Roofing Warning Signs: Missing Shingles

While Chicagoland has its fair share of flat and low-slope roofing, there’s plenty of shingle roofing to be found across the area. In fact, asphalt shingle roofing systems account for the majority of single-family homes in Chicago. Homeowners with asphalt shingles know they can become dislodged during high winds and storms, from damage caused by falling objects, or by walking on them regularly. What many don’t know is that even a single missing shingle can be a bad sign.

We’re told by customers all the time that they’ve found shingles in their yard for X amount of time before they called, and we always cringe a bit inside. If a roofer can give you any advice at all, advice you take straight to heart, it’s that a missing shingle is a reason to call a roofer. See, asphalt shingles are not individual units. They’re part of an interconnected system where each relies on the others to do its job well. When a piece of that puzzle is missing, everything can quickly fall apart.

Asphalt shingles are overlaid, meaning they’re installed by overlapping one layer over another. This overlap allows moisture to run away from the structure, preventing it from encroaching inside. When a shingle is missing, this water can find its way underneath and wreak havoc – especially as it’s not visible to the naked eye. Many missing shingles is even worse, as that’s even more opportunity for damage to be done where you can’t see it.

Your best bet when discovering shingles in your yard, or spotting missing shingles from ground level, is to call (708) 790-2507 and speak with a Montes Roofing professional. They’ll schedule a free estimate visit that will uncover the depth of your problem and provide you with the best solution to your problem. Remember, asphalt shingles can be color-matched, but only to a certain degree. New shingles may be visible until weathering blends them into the rest.

Don’t have time to make the call now? In the middle of something, but want to get an information or an estimate? No problem. Just use our helpful contact form to share your information with us – including the best time for a short call – and we’ll contact you directly to schedule our visit!

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